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  • Megan Bishop

How to Maximize Results and Safety While Taking Weight Loss Medication

Have you been provided personalized nutrition support as you embark on your weight loss medication journey?  Working with a Registered  Dietitian Nutritionist who has experience working in medical weight loss will help you maximize your results safely while taking weight loss medications! 

Both of our dietitians are Certified Specialists in Obesity and Weight Management.  They have extensive knowledge and experience working with patients who are taking all types of weight loss medications including GLP-1s like semaglutide (Wegovy, Ozempic) and tirzepatide (Zepbound, Monjaro).  

We can help:

 💪🏻 prevent lean tissue (muscle) loss & maximize fat loss

 🍽 make sure you are eating enough of the right types of foods 

 🥵 manage side effects like heartburn, nausea and constipation

 🧾 develop a plan for continued weight loss or weight maintenance if you have to go off of the medications

✨ One of our top tips ✨ for anyone taking a medication that limits your appetite is to eat AT LEAST 3 meals with protein and fiber throughout the day. If you skip meals early in the day, it will be challenging to “make up” for them later. This puts you at higher risk for missing your protein goal and not getting the basic nutrition your body needs.

If you are unsure how or what YOU should be eating while taking weight loss medications, reach out for support!

🙌🏻 Most clients see us for FREE using health insurance

🏢 We offer in-office & telehealth visits

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